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Choose a secure storage unit in your best interest for your moving needs. Busy Beaver Mini Storage keeps your belongings safe and secure. At Busy Beaver Mini Storage we offer our clients way lesser rates than our counterparts, plus high professional security services. We provide top effective professional pest control treatments, like professional vacuuming, cleaning services. No credit card or long-term commitment is required, we are ready to make moving very easy for you. Our units are accessible 24/7 for you.

We are fortified with every level of security and comfort for all our tenants who rely on us for a better, safe storage facility 24/7 of the week. Your safety is our top priority. We provide full HD mounted security cameras at every strategic corner of all the streets working 24/7, a professional alarm system, personalized entry codes, on-site security guards, potent locks for doors, perimeter fencing, security lights, and so much more.

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