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Secure Paper Shredding Service



We care about our earth not on only on Earth Day but EVERY day! Our recycling is done within our own country, not outsourced overseas, which creates a large carbon footprint. We operate the only "green" mobile shred truck in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shred Defense™ is also a Bay Area Green Business certified.

Our Paper shredding is done by process of Pulverization!

Pulverization is the newest and most secure way to destruct your confidential information. Our standard paper output product is approximately 1/8"-5/8' random pulverized pieces. Other companies produce a 5/8" width but the length can be as long as your document. Pulverization leaves no trace of sensitive information like social security numbers. We offer a government-specified approved shred output, which has allowed us to do work for United States government agencies. Shred Defense™. will also pulverize your information technology materials such as hard drives, CDs, tapes, x-rays, films, textiles, etc.

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