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Get to know Busy Beaver Mini Storage

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Choose a secure storage unit in your best interest for your moving needs. Busy Beaver Mini Storage keeps you and your belongings safe and secure from thefts and pest attacks. We are fortified with every level of security and comfort for all our tenants who rely on us for a better, safe storage facility 24/7 of the week. At Beaver Mini Storage general security is a top priority.

Because moving can be very stressful for many with high-value and fragile properties they need to keep safe, we pride ourselves on our flexible, secure means of moving your items and yet keeping them as secure as possible. While using our new storage facility you can rely on us to get the most of security beginning from potent door locks, HD security cameras plus a safe secure clean environment.

Why should you choose us?

1. We are Affordable

At Beaver Mini Storage we offer our clients way lesser rates than our counterparts, plus high professional security services. No credit card or long-term commitment is required, we are ready to make moving very easy for you.

2. We Deliver

You can rely on us to keep to our agreements and deliver to the very last detail. We want to provide a safe feeling for our customers so we employ the use of professional teams and quality equipment to make sure you get nothing short of the best service you deserve.

3. We are Secure

Your safety is our priority. We provide over 20 full HD mounted security cameras at every strategic corner of all the streets working 24/7, a professional alarm system for interior, personalized entry codes, on-site security staff, surveillance and gate activity unit, high capacity HD Video recording system, potent locks for doors, perimeter fencing, security lights, and so much more. Keeping you and your belongings safe is our primary concern.

4. Effective Thorough Pest Control

We provide top effective professional pest control treatments, like professional vacuuming and cleaning services. Before the usage of storage lockers and rooms, our professional cleaners and pest control teams carry out a thorough cleaning and treatment by effectively eradicating every trace of lice, dust, grim, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other harmful pests and bacterias. We equally place on stand by our pest control team ready to assist you anytime in future.

5. Access Control System

We take the privacy and security of our tenants seriously by ensuring limited access to unwanted persons within our facility unit using our computer control systems that help monitor the facility activities and also keep histories of every personal entry code with dates and time for future use in case of unauthorized entry. We do not want an environment where anyone can just walk in anytime. Safety is paramount, and we keep you safe and in control. So we employ the use of our full HD Digital Video Recorder connecting all strategic mounted cameras to stay abreast on both past and present activities in our facility.

6. Lights

We provide wide light coverage for every crook and corner, hallway, alley, and street in our facility. We provide no leverage for shadow lurkers or put our tenants at risk of potential danger from dark corners. At Busy Beaver, we give zero advantages for criminals who may want to use the absence of lights to their advantage. We got you covered! Contact our customer support for more information on every of our unique effective ready security measures already in place to keep you and your belongings SECURE.

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