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We offer high-security storage units

High Security Levels to Keep Your Property Safe

When you use a self-storage facility, you expect that your items will be safe from theft. Of course, safety is one of the top reasons for using self-storage in the first place. But unfortunately, not all storage facilities provide the kind of security customers really need for their properties.

At Busy Beaver Mini Storage, we don’t only provide excellent customer service but we also give priority to the safety of your items. We go the extra mile to make sure we provide the best security measures you could expect from a safe storage facility. We understand what it means to trust us with your belongings, and we want to repay that favor by equipping every storage unit in our facility with the most advanced security features. Want to know what we have put in place to ensure the safety of your property? You should keep reading.

24/7 Video Surveillance

We have over 20 cameras mounted in strategic places throughout our facility. We have all main entry and exit points covered, as well as the units or containers themselves. Unlike many storage facilities, we don’t provide passive CCTV, where the tapes are only checked if there’s a reported incident. We provide active CCTV which is closely monitored by a member of the security team. The cameras record on-site activity 24/7, providing a clear look of who comes in and goes out of our facility.

Computer Controlled Access System

There couldn’t be any better way to limit public access to our facility other than using a computer-controlled access system. That way, the only people granted access to the facility are Busy Beaver customers. The access code generated for customers at the point of entry provides the only way such a customer can get in, hence preventing any unauthorized access to the building. Something your backyard shed storage can’t boast when you’re not home.

Alarmed Perimeter Fencing

An excellent fence is an essential security feature every storage facility should have. And at Busy Beaver, we have taken that even to the next level. Our perimeter fence is not only sturdy and difficult to climb but also equipped with an alarm system. This further adds an obstacle to any potential intruders and alerts security staff immediately there is a problem.


We understand the role good lighting plays when it comes to keeping off criminals. A well-lit storage facility always comes as a discouragement to prospective criminals. That is why we always ensure there is plenty of light in our facility. Security is number one on our list; we don’t try to save electricity or cut light bills by limiting the amount of light that exists around our storage units. Instead, we keep our facility well-lit because that is the right thing to do.

Apart from serving as a deterrent for criminals, sufficient lighting is also important for other security features. For instance, video surveillance won’t be as effective in an area that is poorly lit.

Security Personnel

Computer-controlled access systems, video surveillance, perimeter fencing, and alarm systems won’t take the place of security personnel. Apart from the above-mentioned security measures, we also have roving personnel that inspects and monitors our premises at periodic intervals. Our entry point is manned by security personnel that makes sure no one enters the premises without being checked first. Though the security personnel are friendly and nice to our customers, they can be hard on intruders – all to make sure your property is safe with us.

Well-Constructed Storage Units

Finally, we have well-constructed storage units you can trust even if all other security measures fail. Our units are durable and built to withstand break-ins and damage. A durable storage unit may be the only thing that stands between your possessions and a determined burglar. And we have put in everything to make sure that one barrier is worth their match.

Final Note

If you are looking to rent a storage unit at Busy Beaver today, these are some of the most important security features you should expect from us. There is a reason everyone in Downtown Martinez could comfortably recommend Busy Beaver to anyone looking for a secure storage facility in California. We take the safety and security of your possessions incredibly seriously. We do everything we can to ensure maximum security – more than any other storage facility around can do it.

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